Base AI

You live in an era that has moved so much of our lives online. Nothing can replace in-person connection.
Base uses AI to better match you to the people you are most likely to connect with in your city.

Your Table

You will be matched based on a plurality of industries, archetypes, and interests. Each Base experience is unique and designed to unlock new perspectives.

Monthly Review

After attending a Base experience you are able to indicate the members you connected with best.

This information helps Base AI get smarter in matching you to other people in your city in the future.


Get Matched

Apply to join Base and get set up with your first matched group experience.



Before each experience Base matches you to the members you are most likely to connect with in your city.



After the experience you are able to give awards letting us know who your 'best matches' were.



Each month Base uses your reviews to better match you with groups in the future through Base AI.